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Every February, I make the pilgrimage to Tucson, AZ for the big gem shows. There are over 30 major shows, with little ad-hoc ones setting up in random shopping center parking lots as well. Here I can find almost anything that they can dig up out of the earth and polish into something pretty. This is where I pick up the sapphire and ruby drops, as well as other smooth drops, square stones for medieval settings, and whatever else inspires me. There is a lot to be inspired by.

“Ermine Spot” earrings, $35 – 65.
Simple drop earrings, with or without pearl or metal bead: $25 – 45.
Acanthusleaf Designs Ermine Spot Earring Acanthusleaf Designs Ermine Spot with Sapphire Earring
I got the idea for this style of earrings the last time Duke Radnor won the crown of the West. His large extended household uses an ermine spot motif on surcotes and other livery, so I thought it would be fun to have earrings with onyx beads in the shape of ermine spots. From the all-black version, it was easy to expand into pearl counter-ermine, and then into colored stone drops with pearl beads and pearl drops with garnet or other colored stone beads.

Black ermine spot earrings, onyx beads with czech glass drops - $35.
Pearl counter-ermine earrings - $35
Pearl and wee garnet drops - $40
Pearl and wee ruby or sapphire drops - $45
Pearl and larger gemstone drops $50 – 65
Acanthusleaf Designs Large Pearl Drop Earring Acanthusleaf Designs Ruby and Pearl Earring
Basic Great Big Pearl Earrings
Pearl Earrings with Garnets
Acanthusleaf Designs Circular Tracery Earring
From the Tracery Collection
Tracery Circle Earrings
Acanthusleaf Designs Tracery Earring
From the Tracery Collection
Tiny Tracery Cross Earrings