Acanthusleaf Designs
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Acanthusleaf Designs Gold Laurel Pin
Available either as a pin or a pendant, these are available in
tarnish-resistant Sterling and in gold-plated bronze.
For more examples and prices, click here.
Acanthusleaf Designs Attack Laurel
By Exclusive permission of the Dean of the Attack Laurel Academy,
You!, yes, You! can show your membership in the Attack Laurel Academy.
"We make people cry so you don't have to."
Barbed-wire laurel necklace in silver $45
Barbed-wire laurel pin $55
Acanthusleaf Designs Silver Laurel Rings
These make great elevation gifts, and several have already been passed down
to apprentices on their elevations.
If you buy one of these rings as a gift and it doesn’t fit the recipient,
you can exchange it for the correct size with no extra charge.
Acanthusleaf Designs Combined Pelican and Laurel 	Design
For those double peers who have everything, here is a combined jewel.
Like the individual Laurels and Pelicans, it is available as a pendant or pin
in sterling silver and gold-plated bronze. This Pelican has a four mm garnet in her breast.