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The Pelican Jewel displayed in the British Museum has inspired much of the SCA art that uses the Pelican symbolism. The elegance and sculptural quality of that piece captured my imagination as well. This is the most complex and three-dimensional piece I have carved so far. I did my best to capture the sweep of her wings and the sculptured detail. The original shows the Pelican with her head tucked under her wing – I chose to reposition her head to be more directly piercing her breast. I also chose to include a 5mm round stone rather than the irregularly-shaped ruby of the original. After years of staring at a photo of the original, which was so much more complex than anything I had ever done, I finally got inspired to begin the piece when my friend Cara Michelle was invited to join the Order. At that point I decided to add two baby birds, because Cara has two handsome sons who are also active in the SCA.

Museum curators do not know what the four engraved letters on the ribbon of the original piece mean. I considered engraving “servo,” Latin for “I serve,” but thought that the modern connotations of the word might not go over well. I can customize your Pelican with an engraved (very short) monogram or with one to three drop pearls or drop jewels. Some folks prefer the Sterling Pelican with an antiqued finish to bring out the detail. This is available at no extra charge.

For those double peers who have everything, here is a combined jewel. Like the individual Laurels and Pelicans, it is available as a pendant or pin in sterling silver and gold-plated bronze. This tiny Pelican has a four mm garnet in her breast.