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Acanthusleaf Designs Quatrefoil Rings I carved the original of this ring while I was in jewelry school after staring at a whole lot of 15th century portraits. I took the wax into my casting class for my first attempt at investing and casting. Sure enough, the investment set up suddenly, still containing giant bubbles. It took me half an hour at the sink to scrape the wax back out of the flask. The second try went perfectly, and I had a company down the hall from the school make my first mold of it.

This ring style emerged at the end of the 14th century, and with some variations was worn for almost 200 years.

Same choice of 4mm gemstones as the roses; available in tarnish-resistant Sterling and in 14kt gold. (Please contact me for a price quotation in this metal).
Acanthusleaf Designs Large Silver Rings Stirrup Rings with 6 mm square stones.
Acanthusleaf Designs Armillary Sphere Ring Armillary Sphere Ring is a variation on one pictured in Historic Rings by Diana Scarisbrick. The original opens out at a 90 degree angle to the outer ring, but I can never leave well enough alone, and I figured a shallower angle would evoke more of that armillary sphere effect that she claims was the point of the original.
Acanthusleaf Designs Chivalric Virtues Ring The chivalric virtues of Courtesie, Honor, Franchise, Prowess, Humilitie, Valor, and Faith are inscribed on this ring.